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I believe that awareness about climate change, sustainability, and how it affects our daily lives and lives of our future generations can create a shift, even if it's only one person at the time. The goal of my blog is to share my vision and knowledge on how we can raise our consciousness about environment and start acting by applying small changes. Just one at the time.
I am currently working on an environment course dedicated to kids, especially those who do not have access to a brought range of educational topics, and not exposed to a sustainable approach to living at home and their communities due to life circumstances.


From the beginning of 2020, I have been doing volunteer work in CJD Brandenburg - refugee integration center for families from Eastern Europe and Russia. My main focus was helping kids with some of the topics beyond school programs, such as geography, social studies, travel, and literature when it struck me that I could create a change by exposing them to a different way of looking on climate, environment, and human symbiosis with nature. Unfortunately, some social group does not have exposure or awareness about the science behind the climate change, pollution, recycling and so on due to their life circumstances and I've decided to create something entertaining and interactive to make it interesting and to deliver information the best way to be understood by kids. That is how I started my educational program "Sustainable thinking for kids". If you would like to learn more about it, you can feel free to request some information and study materials by email.



There’s no Planet B

Fridays for Future is a march to support children and youth in their demands for climate protection.

Human migration and global urbanization

Climate change and it's impact on human migration and global urbanization

GreenBuild Conference Amsterdam

An annual Greenbuild International Conference offers a forum for the green building community to unite, change lives and revolutionize business

The Health Effects of Climate Change

Climate change affect on non-linear shifts in desease, nutrition, labor migration, water availability and consequences.

To learn more about current stage of research and studies about climate and health, please review the materials below. List of materials is a courtesy of Harvard University.