Sustainability in today‚Äôs resource-stretched world is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Climate change is becoming an increasingly important issue for businesses to address and can pose environmental and financial risks, as well as risks to human health. Companies often have more sustainability related initiatives than they realise,specially when it comes to human health and wellness. We help companies develop and recognize ways that can incorporate not only business opportunities and technical data, but also components like ambience, interior design, emotional comfort, psychology and communication by choosing a comprehensive approach to sustainability embracing human connection and human interaction with space and nature.

Yuliya Kuleshova

Sustain WELL Consultant


Sustainability consulting services committed to improving human health and well-being through the built environment.

Would you like to embed a sustainable strategy into your organization? Or do you have questions regarding your current strategy? Sustain WELL is here to provide a holistic approach by addressing behavior, operations, and design that promote healthy work environments by making emphasis on human health, emotional well-being and enhance productivity, while increasing organizational and building performance.

Providing a full spectrum of integrated Sustainability and Wellness consulting services. In addition to sustainability and LEED for individual buildings, we provide Estimating and Construction Project Management Services. Having experience with one of the most used estimating, project management, and interior design software, we can ensure the highest quality of a product. I believe that sustainability encompasses more than just the built environment. Services include interior design, Well-being of the building occupants, interior design, and more. As an expert in the WELL Building Standard, Sustain WELL provide WELL Consulting services for projects of all typologies.

Services include supporting companies in developing policies and practices to drive performance improvements, such as meeting energy reduction targets, reducing waste, increasing recycling and improving water efficiency, increasing employee performance and well-being. That can be achieved by establishing new guidelines and applying strategies through certifications like WELL, LEED, and sustainable assessment. Real estate developers and owners choose LEED and WELL because the process demonstrates leadership, innovation, and environmental stewardship. LEED certification is a strong marketing brand. I specialize in helping companies implement environmental improvements.

In addition, I hold a real estate broker license that allows me not only to advise on energy savings and sustainability solutions but also to see opportunities for both, real estate developers and companies looking for improvement or change of the ownership. Project certification and real estate analysis synergy helps saving time and amount of paperwork.



WELL Certification



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LEED Certification and Recertification


To learn more about LEED certification fees and procedure, different types of certifications and latest news from US Green Buiding Council, please visit:


Project Management


Project Management services include budget and estimate costs management,allocation of resources, reports regarding job status,collaboration with subcontractors, engineers, architects and key team members of the project team.


Construction Estimating



Construction Estimating services include on-screen take-off, cost estimation, proposal request/data,estimation of  labor, materials, and time requirements in order to determine the overall cost of the project, complex analysis of collected data and metrics.


Blender 3D Modeling



Blender 2.8 3D modeling for interior design, renovation, and cost estimating. Programm includes variety of shapes and surface modeling which is perfect for planning, budgeting and material selection during early stages of design.

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Creating office policies for sustainable exploitation of space in accordance with highest sustainability standards

Affiliation with Innovation Properties Group to providing brokerage services and real estate development consulting

3D modeling, interior design and material selection based on LEED and WELL standards, and personalized company approach.